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  • The Importance of Ergonomics
    This year, many of us have found ourselves attending work and school at home and possibly using desks, tables, and chairs that were not set up ergonomically or with the intention of long term use. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can be a major cause of back pain. Read more
  • Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays Read more
  • 6 Critical Tips For Mask Wearing and Hand Washing
    We wanted to share with you some tips and information about the proper use and care of masks, as well as some tips for handwashing and using hand sanitizer. Read more
  • Zinc Can Help Boost Your Immune System
    Zinc can help boost your immune system Read more
  • Orthotics and You
    Orthotics can be very beneficial as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address various symptoms. Read more
  • The Importance of Follow-up Chiropractic Care
    After receiving their first adjustment, many patients feel better almost immediately. This leads to the question, do they need to come back? Chiropractic care is more than just a quick fix. Read more
  • Why Is Magnesium Important?
    Magnesium is involved in the functioning of nerves, muscles, energy production, regulation of blood pressure and glucose levels, and helps support the immune system. Read more
  • BioPosture Mattresses
    Here at the Wellness Center we know that our patients' recovery is not just going to happen in our office. The everyday things we use at home have a major impact on a persons health and well being. Read more
  • Spring Allergy Season
    Since the beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustments on the nervous system are well documented, it’s not surprising many chiropractic patients report a reduction of allergy symptoms when treated regularly for vertebral subluxations. Read more
  • Why it's not a good idea to wait.
    Most of us wouldn't wait to do routine maintenance on our cars until there was smoke pouring out from under the hood, just as no one should wait until they have symptoms of poor health before doing any corrective and preventative maintenance on your body. Read more
  • The Importance of taking good Supplements
    You used to be able to get all the vitamins necessary for your body solely from a healthy diet, but now our food is getting less and less nutritious. Even if you avoid food with GMOs and eat organic produce, your food has fewer nutrients in it than in the past. Suboptimal intake of vitamins is a risk factor for chronic diseases and is common in the general population. Read more
  • Zero Gravity and Massage Chairs
    Surrender every muscle in your back, neck, and shoulders into relaxation. Everyone says how much they love our zero gravity chair in our therapy room. Now you can have that same comfort at home plus massage! Read more
  • Better days through better nights with sleep products designed around you!
    Here at the Wellness Center we are excited to make these therapeutic pillows available to you... COOP Pillows! Read more
  • Healing takes Time
    The truth is, healing - or change of any kind - isn't linear. Chiropractic care gets to the underlying cause of many conditions - but it also takes time. Read more
  • Chiropractic Care During the Winter Season
    The winter months are a critical time for receiving Chiropractic care. Read more