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Choosing an Orthotic

FootLevers offers many varieties of Orthotics and choosing the correct one can be overwhelming. We are always available to help, but here are some guidelines to help with the decision process. Please stop in or call with any questions (252) 261-5424.

Step 1- Choose Shoe Style

Orthotics are categorized based on the type of shoe they are going to be used for. You can choose from:

dress length

Dress Length (typically shoes with a more narrow toe that would not be able to accommodate a full length insert)

full length

Full Length (typically used in sneakers or other shoes with laces where the factory lining inside can be removed)

flat length

Flats and 1" Heels (also called 5th Avenue 1", these are designed for flat shoes and low heeled shoes)

heel length

Heels (also called 3/4 Dress Stabilizers, these are designed for tight fitting dress shoes and heels where factory lining cannot be removed. These work best in heels under 2")

Step 2- Choose Top Cover

The top cover of the orthotic is best chosen based on activity level. You can choose from:

luxury top

Luxury Top (moisture resistance to repel water or dampness, made with Lambson Leather™ to provide durability and softness)

comfort top

Comfort Top (offers extra shock absorption to decrease stress on the foot. Best for people on their feet more than 50% of the day)

tough top

Tough Top (moisture resistant, provides heavy-duty, sturdy support with extra durability. Features a rugged leather top)

Also available are Ultra® variations of the above. Ultra Tops are designed for moderately active patients.

ultra active

ultra luxury

ultra comfrot

ultra tough

Also available are Extreme variations of the above. Extreme Tops includes maximum support, comfort, and durability.  

extreme active

extreme luxury

extreme comfort

extreme tough

Specialty Options:


XP3+® Long Distance Runners Orthotic: These offer extreme shock absorption to reduce pain, use lightweight material designed to provide a propulsive boost but still offers maximum performance. Offered in Full Length.


XP3® Tight Fitting Athletic Shoes Orthotic: These are the lightest and thinning orthotic available from Foot Levelers. These are great for cleats, ice skates, ski boots, and minimal running shoes. They offer shock absorption to reduce pain from heel striks. Offered in Full Length.


Aquaguard™ Water Resistant Orthotic: These are great for harsh environments and best for activity around water. Offered in Full Length.


CRA Flex® Orthotic: These support energy  flow and aid the healing process. They also help correct subtle-energy imbalance. Offered in Full Length and Dress Length.

parflex golf

Parflex Plus® Golf Orthotic*: These help improve your body alignment and reduce your fatigue. They are designed to increase club head velocity 3-5mph and help the wearer hit golf balls 9-15 yards farther. Offered in Full Length.

elite comfort

Elite Comfort Orthotic: These provide elite comfort and durability with an extra layer of cushion. Offered in Full Size.

elite energy

Elite Energy XL™ Orthotic*: May enhance your energy, edge and performance. Offered in Full Length.


IntelliSense™- The Smart Orthotic:  Designed to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Features a top layer that wicks perspiration away to control odors and also kill harmful fungi and bacteria.


CPOYA™ (Concerned Parents of Young Athletes) Orthotics: 
(recommended for high school athletes). These shield joints and muscles from shock, support the full gait cycle, help prevent injury and improve biomechanics. Offered in Full Length and 3/4 Length.

young insoles

Ultra Young Soles Orthotics: (recommended for ages 5-12). These help establish healthy posture as kids grow and offers biomechanical support which may help alleviate growing pains. These are available with Foot Levelers Posture Protect Program™ which gives you money off your young patient's next pair of orthotics are their feet grow. 


In Motion Orthotics: Designed to wick away moisture 4x faster, control odor and bacteria, and provide better grip during athletic activity. 

Additional Options

These options can be added to most orders.

Dynamic Response System® (acts like a suspension system, responding to variable loads and surfaces)

Dynamic Response System- Extreme® (as above but for patients with vigorous lifestyles)

Heel Spur Corrections (bilateral, horseshoe-shaped corrections placed in the heel to alleviate pain caused by heel spurs)

Dot Fasteners (available for orthotic lockdown in all shoes)

Heel Cups (added support around the heel)

PowerCore™ Advanced Magnet System* (3 magnetic strips for increased energy with custom-made support)

PowerPulse™ Magnet System* (5 strategically placed circular magnets designed to deliver an extra boost of energy)

*These contain magnets. Do not use products with magnets if you are wearing a pacemaker or electrical implants of any kind, or if you are pregnant.


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