Introducing PADO’s GEN II Pure Wave Massager!

PADO has taken all of their experience and customer feedback over the years and have designed a new advanced dual-mode massager. Dr. Goldberg has used the PureWave Massager during patient appointments and for personal use since 2017.

The New GEN II Massager is now available for purchase,

you can call to reserve one or stop in during normal business hours.

*NEW* Features Include: adjusting massage pressure with 12 speeds on each of our dual motors, greater stall force allowing for a deeper massage and sustained pressure, an extended ergonomic handle for the hard to reach areas, stronger micro-vibration and new and improved attachments.

PADO’s GEN II Pure Wave Massager features their patented Dual-Motors.

The Percussion Motor is used for deep tissue tension relief and to dissolves knots in muscles. This Percussion Mode is also what is typically used during our chiropractic appointments.

The Micro-Vibration Motor, which is for delicate tissue and pinpoints pressure areas, without the powerful percussion that would be jarring to the head or neck, for example.

New to the GEN II, is a Multi-Speed Calibrated Control system. There are now 12 speeds for each motor so you have more control over the speed and pressure needed. Older models featured a dial so it was more difficult to obtain an exact level and duplicate that same speed for subsequent uses.

PADO’s GEN II Pure Wave Massager features 7 Tips to personalize your massager experience and target your individual needs.

Here are some details on each of these tips:

3D Pivot Tip – a swiveling wide arch design that glides over joints and hard angles.
Six Head Tip – used for a deep tissue/sports massage for large muscle groups.
Air Cushion Tip – a soft cushion for general massage, this is what we use primarily during appointments.
Point Tip – used for acupressure and reflexology for targeted tension points and scar tissue.
3D Stainless Applicator Tip – wide surface tip where you can apply therapeutic cream or gel during the massage.
Scalp Tip – a scalp stimulator for headache relief and increased circulation.
Migraine Tip – pinpointed tissue vibration for tension headaches, migraines, TMJ and acute tendinitis.

Here is a recent article speaking about the benefits of the new GEN II PureWave Massager. They are calling it ” the Most Versatile Massage Device Ever Created” :…