“From out of town, was in pain, accepted and when session was complete, I felt so much better. Doctor was very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Goldberg thank you so much. Now I can enjoy the rest of my vacation.”

– Out of Town Patient

“Came in with pain that made it hard to work, walk or play golf and with continued treatments I now no longer have any problems working, walking or playing golf.”

Thank you !!!

“Very kind, gentle, thoughtful, and thorough. Would definitely return , the next time I’m in town.”

– Out of Town Patient

“We are so cognizant of birthdays and wedding anniversaries, although it seems we rarely acknowledge professional anniversaries. Today, I’d like to recognize Dr. Dan Goldberg of the Wellness Center of the Outer Banks for the 25-year anniversary of our doctor-patient relationship.

When I moved to the Outer Banks, I was in constant pain and had unrelenting spasms from a job-related back injury. The state of New York had deemed me permanently disabled and I had little hope of ever returning to work full time, or ever spending a pain-free day. And then I became a patient at the Wellness Center. It’s aptly named.

The results weren’t immediate, but they have been permanent. Most days, I now forget that I ever had a back injury. I work way too many hours and can partake in just about any physical activity that comes my way. All this is due to the excellent medical care I’ve received from Dr. Goldberg.

Thanks, Dan — you’ve gotten me through the back injury, multiple dislocations, stress-related dreck, Lyme disease, more than a few klutzy accidents, plus general maintenance. I hope I’ll be seeing you for 25 more years!”

– Linda L.

“Dr. Goldberg is truly a genius! He listens to you and works wonders. His goal is to help you feel your very best and i am extremely grateful to him. Thank you for everything!”

– Collen Q.

“Miracle worker!! Me and my mom both Get adjusted by Dr G, and we love him and his staff.”

– Ashley S.

“Friends recommended him, I took the advice, started feeling relief quicker than I expected Dr Dan with the magic hands.”

– Susan F.

“I have been under Dr. Goldberg’s Chiropractic care for over a year now and the results have been remarkable. Prior to chiropractic care, I relied on muscle relaxers and pain relievers to reduce pain in my neck and lower back. After several weeks of chiropractic adjustments, I found great relief. After a year of chiropractic corrective care,I am now pain free. I plan to continue chiropractic care to maintain good health. I urge anyone with back pain,or other spinal discomforts to seek chiropractic care. It made a believer out of me!”

– Lon H.

“Dear Dr. Goldberg,I want to thank you for making the last two days of my vacation on the Outer Banks enjoyable, and the drive back to Pittsburgh pain free. I have been playing tennis and gardening again with no problem. Only wish I had come to see you on Monday. You treated me on Wednesday, and I must admit I was nervous about my first time seeing a Chiropractic doctor. However, I will never be nervous again. Thursday morning I awoke a new woman with no pain! It felt like a miracle.”

– Dorothy P.

“Dr. Goldberg &Staff of The Wellness Center:I would like to thank Dr. Goldberg and the staff of The Wellness Center for the treatment I received for back pain. On two seperate occasions over a two year period I was treated at The Wellness Center and was pain free in a matter of weeks. In addition, working with the staff was absolutely hassle free. Appointments were always available when it fit my schedule, even on short notice.”

– Joe P.

“I have been going to Dr. Goldberg for a few years now and can honestly say, “He’s keeping me straight.”I enjoy his sense of humor. He is one of the few doctors that really listens to you, then acts on it with his adjustments and his know how.”

– Pat S.

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Goldberg and his staff for their excellent treatment of my neck pain. I was only in the OBX for two weeks and Dr. Goldberg went right to work in successfully treating my pain. Had it not been for his treatments, I would of had to cancel our vacation. I was especially impressed with how well and professionally he treated me, even though he knew I would only be his patient for two weeks. His staff was especially accomodating in finding open times and the price was extremly reasonable….especially considering how successful he was with the treatments.”

– Jake S. McLean,Va.

“Fantastic Doctor. He takes time to understand individual patients. First visit and won’t be the last.”

– Jason J.

“Dr. Goldberg is the only chiropractor I’ve ever been to who has helped me feel good and pain free. I love the monthly maintenance program and really miss it when I’m in NY. I will return to my monthly routine in October! He’s the best!”

– Cindy N.

“Dr Goldberg is amazing! I have a physically demanding job and Dr Goldberg keeps me pain free and healthy. I first went to him a few years ago after a car accident left me in so much pain I was in tears and Dr Goldberg helped me feel better right away. He really is a miracle worker!”

– Wendy P.

“I had an adjustment yesterday that was absolutely incredible. Dr. Goldberg places me on stimulated heat therapy then spent a long time assessing and adjusting my upper body then back on a motion therapy table. My arm has been painful and stiff for almost 10 month and today I am pain free!! A true chiropractic medicine man! Thank you Dr. Goldberg for helping my body feel great:)”

– Laura P.

“Dr. Goldberg is truly a genius! He listens to you and works wonders. His goal is to help you feel your very best and i am extremely grateful to him. Thank you for everything!”

– Colleen R.

“Miracle worker!! Me and my mom both Get adjusted by Dr G, and we love him and his staff.”

– Ashley S.