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Why it’s not a good idea to wait.

The ever increasing demands of life leave many of us wishing we could be in more and more places at the same time. It’s difficult to balance work, family, and recreation, let alone keeping up with regularly scheduled appointments for everything from your teeth & eyes, to your body. However, when regarding something as fundamentally important as your health and well being, putting it off could prove worse in the long run. Most of us wouldn’t wait to do routine maintenance on our cars until there was smoke pouring out from under the hood, just as no one should wait until they have symptoms of poor health before doing any corrective and preventative maintenance on your body. 

Feeling ‘Okay’ isn’t a true indicator of health. Symptoms don’t start the moment the first cancer cell invades the body, but we all know that the earlier the condition is detected, the better the chances of recovery. Wellness includes a healthy life-style and regular chiropractic care. This means the right amount of regular exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest as well as a positive outlook and a sound nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates the function of all the other systems in your body, so it’s up to you to keep it in good shape. If you wait for symptoms to begin, your condition has had a chance to progress. A good example: ignore a painless loose filling until you wait just long enough to turn a $50 filling into a $500 root canal! A little care now can save you a lot in pain, suffering, and dollars.

Pain is a symptom that tells you something is wrong. Chiropractic does more than mask the symptom: it corrects the underlying cause of the problem to help your body heal itself naturally. Every time you overdo (which could include just prolonged sitting) there is a small amount of damage done to your spine. Vertebrae (the bones of the spine) can slip out of position as muscles pull. In a few days the muscles heal and the pain goes away, but the vertebrae stay out of place. This causes pressure on nerves and can lead to fixation (a sticking together) of two or more vertebrae. When vertebrae are fixated, the fluid in the disc is forced out, causing the disc to dry out and wear down prematurely. Eventually the joints degenerate into a condition called degenerative joint disease. You may know this as arthritis. So, all of a sudden, you bend, twist, or lift, just like you’ve done a hundred times before, and OOPS! your back goes out “all by itself!” That’s the problem! Constant lifting, bending, poor posture, and sitting at computers puts consistent stress on your joints. Often, major symptoms can come after warnings like stiffness, achiness, muscle pulls, or spasms, but very commonly there is no warning at all!

Getting regular adjustments (even when you feel okay) helps to keep your nervous system in tune and takes care of the small spinal problems before they can become big ones.

“Chiropractic is unique among the healing professions…. there isn’t a drug in the whole world that can move a hard bone off a soft tender nerve.”

Don’t wait! Give your nervous system a boost! Come and get adjusted today! 

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